Thursday, November 11, 2010


I had a great vacation and now it's back to work. However, I won't be going back to Tern Island. I officially got the job at Midway so I'll be going there on Thursday. I'll probably start up my old Midway blog- I'll see if I have enough storage space to keep it going. I'll be sorry to leave Tern, but I love Midway too, and the promotion isn't bad either. There was some news on the island. Ty got his flipper bit off by a large tiger shark while he was out snorkeling one day. He's fine and got back to shore without a scratch, but they are staying out of the water for now. Less than 2 weeks later, a person working at Palmyra (another atoll that USFWS manages along with the Nature Conservancy), got bit in the head by a 6 ft gray reef shark. He's a bit scratched up but is ok too. I still won't worry about going in the water, but I'll be paying attention. I'm posting a picture of Ty with his fins, but not anything else this time. I'll probably do one last wrap up post on this blog from Midway. If you are all hooked on the Tern Island happenings, Paula, who will be the new acting manager now that I'm gone, has started a new blog at She does a little more writing than I do, and I'll read it to see what's going on there. See you from Midway!

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Barb Mayer said...

Maika`i; congratulations! I'll be following your MANWR blog!