Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Day

Better late than never, right? I've been really busy getting ready to leave and going over a lot of details so Ty and Paula don't have to learn everything the hard way. At the moment, I'm scheduled to be on leave/at training/working in Honolulu until March. But things rarely work out according to plan around here, so I'm not quite sure what the schedule will be. I'll put some updates up when I figure things out. I really could just pretend I'm still on Tern and keep posting new pictures for the next 120 years (that's figuring with the over 60,000 pictures I've taken here and posting 9 or 10 pictures a week). Or maybe I'll just take my vacation.

My last week here was a lot like the others. Pulling weeds, counting birds, finding turtle hatchlings to save, snorkeling and picking up marine debris, fixing tractors, boats, and generators, and all that usual stuff. Maybe they'll let me pull weeds and fix something at my apartment complex in D.C.? And I'm sure there will be no shortage of marine debris on the Potomac, I'm also pretty sure that I won't have any snorkel pics to show you.
OK, see you soon!

I hope you aren't getting tired of pictures of yellow tangs in the coral.

Here's a Hawaiian green lionfish in the coral. I haven't seen any of these for 2 years, now I've seen 2 in the last 2 days.

A runway puddle at sunrise. I hope to not see this tomorrow. That would mean we take our brooms out to spread the water out so it dries before the plane gets here.

A couple of white terns appear to be pondering the mop??

I haven't shown you a red-footed booby on a bike for a long time. So here's another one.

We're banding Bulwer's petrels right now. This old chick has a good spot in the coral by the seawall. It should be leaving any day now.

I had my office in a computer room with no windows for almost 2 years. A few months ago, I decided to move my computer across the hall. Now I have a window with this view.


Anonymous said...


Have great work/vacation in your time off of Tern IS. We're not too far grom Gettysburg--hope to meet you.

Dave G

Forest and Kim said...

Thanks for the great posts Pete. We'll miss our NWHI fix.

Forest & Kim

Elephant's Eye said...

Since I have only recently added you to my reader, do hope you will keep the posts coming. Or link us thru to a new blog?

Shammickite said...

I really enjoy looking at your photos and reading about your daily chores on Tern Island, and I'll miss all your news, but I'll be chacking back regularly and hope to hear all about your adventures in the future.

Mitchell K said...

Have a good time away, I will miss my Monday morning check on you blog! Love the pics and the updates of the mundane (weed pulling) and non-mundane (snorkel trips to pick up marine debris) tasks!

biobabbler said...

Wow. Bon voyage, and much thanks for all your stories and pics. Still completely enamored with the white terns--do they ever NOT look extremely elegant? Happy landings in civilization, and looking forward to your re-tern. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello, ive just noticed your blog, it must have taken guts to fly out on tern island as its a little island, and storm isnt that good for small islands :) Cool job you have and if you have some spare time you could check out my blog and comment, maybe you could tell me what it takes to have such jobs like you do :-) regards Aleksander.

Barb said...

Thanks for providing a wonderful window to the NWHI; safe travels!

Seagull Steve said... the booby on bicycle pic. Maybe I'll run into you at another airport this winter, heh.

Nellie Northern said...

Thanks for sharing, good luck on your next adventue.
Mona & Nelson Klavitter

Trademark Lawyer said...

Stunning photos, those coral reefs look divine.