Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice weather

This past week was a pretty good week out here. We got a lot of birds counted and even finally got out on the boat again. The trade winds have been blowing us around for the last few weeks, but yesterday was beautiful and we checked up on the condition of the other islands. It was good to see that they didn't get washed over like last year. We are expecting the Kahana (supply ship) later this week, so it's time to get the trash all packed up to send back to Honolulu. We would normally really be looking forward to getting the fresh food, but since we just came back with some fresh groceries after the evacuation, it will just be really good, instead of really, really good. So here's a few pictures and I'll throw in a couple now and then from the last few months. Maybe next week I'll show our Christmas tree.

White banded surgeonfish and convict tangs swim around in large schools around LaPerouse Pinnacle.

This monk seal swam by to check us out.

Here's Melinda helping to unload the big pile of ropes that we found while we were out. At least there were no animals entangled in it.

A white tern is bringing a little squid or cuttlefish to its chick.

I was up on the roof of the barracks and took this.

On Christmas Eve, I found a glass fishing float still wrapped in it's netting. That's the first one I've found in a net. It took a long time to get all that algae off too. We found a couple on East Island yesterday too.


Seagull Steve said...

Love the rooftop shot! Classic.

Anonymous said...

We used to find glass floats on the west coast in N. California but, that was 60+ years ago, my grandmother collected them. I did not know that they were still used. It is a real "Treasure".