Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Saturday

The Kahana paid us another visit on Saturday and brought us another 3 months worth of supplies. We should be set pretty well with groceries and supplies for when the monk seal crew and the turtle techs get here in May. It got a little busy on Saturday since we also had to have a plane fly in with a freezer repairman for the Kahana. It all worked out, but I'm hoping I won't need another plane during a supply offload anytime soon. At least we had extra help from the volunteers and staff heading out to Laysan Island. It was nice to have one of my ex-volunteers going there (Whitney) so she could help out as a tour guide for all of our island visitors. We had 20 people here for a little while, including the pilots.

I'll have a little more help this week since I got another volunteer. Caitie will be helping us out for a few months. Also, for those of you who used to read my Midway blog, you'll recognize the name Greg. Greg and I got rid of quite a few invasive plants during my year on Midway. He's here to help out for a week and a half with my invasive weeds. He should be able to get rid of quite a few of them since this island is only about 34 acres, compared to about 1200 acres on Sand Island at Midway (of course he's not done with that yet). We'll get all kinds of projects done with all of these people here now!
I just noticed I didn't take any pictures of the Kahana or airplane this time. Oh well, you can check my older posts if you want to see them again. Just pretend they are from Saturday.
Here's Caitie getting a good picture of a green sea turtle.

Here's a reef whitetip shark (I took this picture a couple of weeks ago). It was too close to fit in the frame.

You need at least one picture of the birds.

I'm a week late on posting this picture, but this is some of the trash that has washed up on Gin Island. There isn't any vegetation over there. Just some seals, sand, birds, and marine debris. We picked up a bit, but we can't fit all of this in the boat in one trip.

Just another Tern Island sunset.


Seagull Steve said...

Greg managed to escape Midway huh? I'm sure he will bring about the apocalypse on the invasives on Tern....say hello for me!

layla said...

what is with all the balls???

Mark said...

i like the new technique of banding both legs at the same time...efficiency makes me happy. see ya tomorrow.