Monday, March 16, 2009

No Pics this time

I'm in Shepherdstown, West Virginia for training right now, so no real blog. But in the mean time, if you want to see what's up on Tern Island, you can check out Mary Gibson's blog. She writes a lot more than I do, and she's got a new perspective on things so it will be a lot more interesting reading than my blog is. Go back and start reading at her oldest post (it's only once a week, like mine) for seeing what it's like to come out to these islands for the first time. It's good!


Nellie Northern said...

Hope your time off the island is (was) enjoyable! We miss your blog postings.

Nelson & Mona

Anonymous said...

Pete, I really enjoy your site. I was at Midway for a couple of days about 9 years ago doing work for NOAA up the NWHI. At any rate, on one post you showed all these eels that washed up. I came across this today. They are conger eels and really good to eat:

Keep up with the entries. I really like reading them. -Kevin

Paul Loasby (Western Australia said...

Tern Island make Midway look like
a huge island ! Best of luck in the new job (only just found your blog!). Keep up the great photography.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me approximately how far off your shores the Pacific Gyre lies? I am anxious to get involved with a group researching the gyre, and am just trying to envision the lie of the area