Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Week

The plane was a few days late, but Jim, Cindy, and Mary made it out here. And Brie, Kelli, Kevin, and Sarah all made it back, and Melinda is still here. These 3 are a lot busier since they have to learn all the ropes and jump into things at full speed, but it will settle down a little on Thursday when 3 more people come. I'll be going back to Honolulu, but they'll still be +2 on the help.

I haven't got to do anything fun with this group yet either. The weather has been overcast and really windy. They'll get their chance though (I hope).

I'll be doing some training in West Virginia, then going back to Cleveland for a week and a half. Then my wife (Dasha) and I will be visiting her family in the Czech Republic for a couple weeks. I'll be back here in May. I'm not sure what dates yet, but I'll try to do an update when I get back from CZ.
Here's an out of focus black noddy. I almost deleted it, but decided it looked cool enough to keep.
I got a couple more pictures of the barracks. Here's the common room where we watch our TV series and movies. Right now we're doing the 3 seasons of "Arrested Development".
Here's one of the unoccupied bedrooms. It's got a great ocean view, but that's too hard to get a good exposure. Nothing fancy, but it works. People usually find some sort of decorations out on the beach.

Here's a the baby red-footed booby that I showed you last week. Now it's about 3 1/2 weeks old. It's on the ground because it's nest disintegrated. I hope the parents keep feeding it.

Here's Mary. She'll be leaving the day I come back to the island. I was showing her how to catch and band tropicbirds under the warehouse building. She's obviously enjoying it so far.


Seagull Steve said...

Pete, Im bummed to hear you'll be off-island for a while, although Im sure you'll enjoy it. Im loving Midway and the break in the weather finally....we got over to Eastern today and I got to see the adult Short-tailed Albatross, which wasnt around last week....the Sooties and Grey-backed Terns are arriving as well. Have fun back on the mainland(s).

Pete Leary said...

I'll be back before you know it. I'm glad you're having a good time on Midway. How can you not though, right?
If you're still there at the beginning of May, I might see you. I'm supposed to be coming to Midway for some Coast Guard boat training for a couple weeks.