Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Albatross Banding

We got another seven hundred plus albatrosses banded this week. It's still our main job, although the masked boobies are needing bands too. We only have about 10 of those ready for banding at the moment and we only have just over 100 of them to do, so that's a bit easier to keep up with. We're getting settled into a routine for the most part, with a turtle to rescue here and there, but birds (and of course cleaning) are taking the majority of the time right now.
The turtles are still digging up all of the sand on the island for their nests and the seals are still having pups. So business as usual for those guys.
The new volunteers are spending most of their off time taking pictures or swimming/snorkeling. I think they all like it here so far. I can't think of a whole lot more to say this week so I'll just give you some pictures.

This black-footed albatross is freshly banded and is almost ready to fledge.

Since we're doing so much banding these days, here's another picture. Although Ruth just left, Keith will be here for a few more months.

A green sea turtle, great frigatebird, and a couple of albatross chicks with LaPerouse Pinnacle in the background.

A few jellyfish washed up on the beach last month. Here's one of them. At least the tentacles were missing or this would hurt.

This is a school of Hawaiian flagtails above a school of yellow-fin goatfish. This is next to the rocks that protect the north side of Tern Island.


Anonymous said...

Peter, will you be in the penumbra of the solar eclipse on 7/11?


Pete Leary said...

Sorry again for the late response to your comment, but: Nope, we were out of the viewing area for the eclipse. The south Pacific islands got the view for that one.

Jenny Vu said...

I believe your jellyfish friend is a comb jellyfish :)