Sunday, May 2, 2010

More fish, birds, and turtles

Again, it was another nice week. We got some good work done, like finishing up the seawall that I showed you last week. It's full now. Paula and the volunteers got the decks fixed up a bit and as usual, we counted and banded some birds. We also got some more snorkeling in. Now that the spring weather is here, the snorkeling is getting a bit better. Smaller ocean swells and less current make it a little easier to swim. In about 2 weeks we are getting a few more people on the island. We'll be getting 3 seal techs, that work for National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS, which is part of NOAA) and 2 turtle techs. They will switch out camping on East island and monitoring the turtles over there. We'll have 11 people on island so we're keeping the water use down, so still going to have our minimal showers and toilet flushing. At least the ocean works well for cleaning off at the end of the day.

This is a bluestripe butterflyfish. They are a Hawaiian endemic fish. That's a convict tang in the background.
Sarah is pulling out a few weeds in front of the barracks.

I thought I'd show you the status of the albatross chicks. Some of them are still sort of small.

And some of them are getting close to being fully feathered.

The turtles are really starting to congregate on the beaches. Here's quite a few on East beach.

The Bulwer's petrels are coming back. These are the ones that sound like dogs barking. These 2 keep trying to nest in the tractor shed, which really isn't a very good spot.

I found a little plastic container this winter which had some dentures and a chain with a cross. It is engraved "Christmas - Richard with love - Mother 1963" This was one of my more unique finds.

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