Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing Exciting this Week

This was a week of getting a lot of little projects done around the island (yawn!). We have mostly caught up with our bird studies, so now it's time to catch up on things like getting the rust off of tools and straps.

Ruth and Dasha are having a great time.

I usually don't show you all of the pictures of the tedius little maintenance work that we do here, because you can probably go to your neighbor's garage and see the same thing. But every now and then I should put these up so that volunteer applicants see that it's not all looking for marine debris with snorkel gear and interacting with the birds out here. But since you are on my blog looking to see things that you probably can't see in your neighbor's garage, here's some pictures from snorkeling last Sunday.

I haven't looked at what type of hermit crab this is, but it was a nice spot of color in the dead coral.

We don't see too many jellyfish around here (mostly Portuguese man-o-war's), but there were a couple floating around the boat dock last week. I took at least 30 pictures of these two and others, but this was the only one where they actually looked like jellyfish.

There is a boat hull upside down in about 15 ft of water and there are always some good fish around it. Usually a shark or two hiding underneath also. Here are 2 common longnose butterflyfish, a raccoon butterflyfish, and a bad angle on a Hawaiian dascyllus.

Here's another picture of Caitie taking a turtle picture. We see a lot of them this time of year since it is almost nesting time. The turtles are usually pretty curious underwater, and we try to stay pretty still to not bother them. They'll usually swim around us for about 30 seconds, then decide we aren't worth looking at anymore, then they go off on whatever business they had before we swam by.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your comments and pictures. I like to see pictures of the buildings and other facilities and also the people. I also enjoyed your Midway blog. I wish someone would do a blog from Midway evey week.

Pete Leary said...

Thank you. I know a lot of the volunteers do blogs from Midway when they get there. The problem is finding them. You can do searches for Midway blogs,but the new ones will probably be quite a few pages into the search.