Monday, June 8, 2009

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted for a while, at least I hope you're wondering. It turns out that Google products do not work from the island anymore. Blogspot and Gmail are both out of commission here. So, I sent the text and my pictures to Dasha (my wife) and she's putting it up. Thanks Dasha! For those of you who were checking Mary's blog too, that's why she couldn't post either.
Anyway, I'm back on Tern island with 15 other people. It's pretty busy around here. There are 3 people tagging sharks to see where they go, 4 people monitoring and tagging monk seals, 2 people tagging nesting green sea turtles, 5 volunteers, and Dave and me. The good thing is that we are finally getting some of the food from 2003 eaten up. Today, I'll catch up on my ride back to Tern and show you some pictures of the other islands. They all look a lot alike. Low sand islands with no trees and a lot of birds.

Here we are unloading supplies on Green Island at Kure Atoll. Kure was also a Coast Guard station like Tern Island.

This is the old Coast Guard building. I got to spend the night here since I was helping set up.

The people at Kure will be staying in the tents since there's not enough room in the building.

The verbesina is almost as bad at Kure as it is at Midway.

This is Southeast island at Pearl & Hermes Atoll, aka Pearl & Hermes Reef.

This is a view completely across the island looking at the Oscar Elton Sette.

Here is the seal camp at Pearl & Hermes.

A population of Laysan finches was brought to Pearl & Hermes as a backup to the population on Laysan Island. They are very curious. About 50 of them came to check out the new supplies.

Some finches flew out to the ship and would not fly back to the island. We think that they were looking for fresh water, which was scarce on the island. We had to catch them, put them in this bucket, and have someone come out from the island in a boat to bring them back. The picture was taken through an air hole in the bucket lid.

This is Lisianski Island. See, most of these islands are similar, but you can tell them apart.

A monk seal watches us set up the tents on Lisianski for the seal monitoring crew that will be out here for the next couple of months.

Colleen and Angie sitting on the beach in front of their tents on Lisianski Island.


fstarr said...

Aloha Pete,

Thanks for the update / NWHI fix. Gosh we miss those places...

Forest & Kim

Shammickite said...

I love reading about all the wildlife and the bird and all your doings on those islands. So interesting! And I wish it was me out there counding seals etc etc!