Monday, May 18, 2009

Back at Midway

I'm a little behind on my posting since I've been really busy lately, but now that I'm riding the ship, I've got my evenings free. It was really great to get back to Midway. Most of the people are the same, and there have been a few improvements, but overall it feels like I just went on a short vacation. The food was still great, the views were still great, and there were still a lot of birds. I was busy a lot of the time with computer training, but I got some time to go out on the boat with Cynthia Vanderlip (who normally lives on Kure Atoll) to do a dolphin survey. She was taking pictures of all of the dorsal fins of the dolphins for identification while I took GPS and depth measurements. We were out with the pods for a couple of hours so you'd think I'd get some really great pictures, but I only got a few decent ones. I also helped out with some plant work, and pulled a little verbesina for old time's sake. The island looks really good. Greg has some more help from the Thai guys (Sam & Moo) with spraying verbesina and they are almost keeping up. Really, things are so similar that I don't have much to say. It's pretty musch the same as I have on my "Pete at Midway" blog, but I'll put up a few pictures anyway.

Here's a ~10 ft tiger shark that we passed on the way to the dolphin survey. I put my small underwater camera over the side as we were going by. It didn't seem to mind.

See, there are still a lot of albatross chicks on Midway.

I got this picture the same way as the shark picture. That little Olympus is handy to have sometimes.

Here's one of the spinner dolphins jumping.

The mini-golf course is now open for business. We were working on this last spring.

The hydroponics greenhouse is up and running also, right now mostly for salad greens. The person running it got there the week before I left last year.

The cable houses are falling down pretty quickly now that there is absolutely no maintenance done on them right now.

I went snorkeling on Sunday morning and saw this little frogfish under the cargo pier.

Gary, John Klavitter, and Steve are extirpating the one cactus plant from the island.

The Laysan ducks had a bad year last year. Many of them died off due to botulism. The problem seems to have run its course and the ducks are doing well again. These ducks are getting snapped at by the albatross chick.

Here's a gratuitous white tern chick picture.

Here's my ride back to Tern. The "Oscar Elton Sette" is pulling up to the cargo pier. I'll either be back on the 19th or 20th after stops at Kure Atoll, Pearl & Hermes Reef, and Lisianski Island to drop off the monk seal crews.


Nellie Northern said...

Glad to have you back "on the air". We hope your vacation was great, and you"re all rested!
Look forward to your the rest of the adventure......
Mona & Nelson

Seagull Steve said...

Hey Pete - Good to meet you finally. Hopefully I will be a pro bowler next time we cross paths. Awesome underwater pics, by the way.

slune said...

the frog fish looks strange! D.

Anonymous said...

You are not nearly as tardy as Mary :)